venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

USA - Glen canyon

USA - Glen canyon 

Another trip in this great playground, a world class place to do canyon descents, you cannot compare this land to others , special features, special gear and anchors, high quality canyons for hundreds of miles...

Our little camps is ready on the beach

On the approach, slick rock, easy walk

Higher in the walk, the view is always stunning

Make your way down with style !

An arch in a canyon

Another great panorama

Problem solving is the most interesting challenge in this slot canyons

Waiting for anchor setting

Some lights are possible only here in Utah

Another little drop to solve

Some more walking up, we did a few different canyons around

Don't miss your entrance

Nice swimmer

Narrower section

A bigger drop is round the corner

Coming out from a dark and deep section

In this part of the trip i visited a lower section of the colorado river, under Lake Mead, this is a hot spring in a side canyon

There are some thermal springs and hot water to enjoy !

Those dams where made from boaters to better enjoy the hot water

We climb up, there are 4 different canyons with thermal water flowing down, pretty special place

So hot here, you have to run out quickly !! Hot canyons! Everybody dream of this !

Sun set on the Colorado, end of this great trip !

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