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Good canyon at high altitude

We are high in the Grisons mountains, above the Lac da Pignu, the start today is close to the snow line in the left of the picture, in the center is the main Fluaz canyon, the upper part of this gorge is not very interesting, the are few waterfalls and a couple of narrow sections with lots of rocks

Lots of gear to prepare, we are many people, it's good we can better share the gear, in those canyons you have to be ready to put anchors, this canyon has been done only a couple of times before

Good trails here, like in all the Swiss, this is more or less the altitude of the canyon start
After some more walk we reach the canyon start; we are immediately inside a little slot, nice rock, there is some ice we have to be careful.
Now a section with very narrow falls, american style slots, but here there is flowing water and it's cold !!! Some we can climb but not all of them

The rock changes and we go trough this excellent narrow, there is a nice arch just behind the corner

Class C canyon, people would say in the USA...

After we exit the narrow on a big 60 m waterfall

But a couple of falls are again very narrow, that's not very common in the Alps

So in a short time we reach the main Fluaz canyon, part of the team decide to stop, i continue with Manu and Vincent and we descend a part of Fluaz,  we do 5 more drops and we have to set anchors. We will continue the next day to finish this long trip. Here we have another kind of rock, layers are changing making the canyon shape often different.

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