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I DID IT  !!!!

Finally i was able to do it !! This is the most beautiful canyon on the planet.

It's very difficult to find the right conditions, the right day to do it, this year we have been the only team to attempt and succeed in this descent. Oops, i just discovered that a small team did it end of october, with more water.
There are hundreds of people in Europe ready to jump in a car, drive 10 hours, even leave their job or family, just to have the possibility to do this canyon, but it's really so hard to get it !

We start in the fog, in the clouds, in wet and humid conditions

Higher there is some more visibility, for a short time, the canyon is coming down on the right in this apparently little depression

Team ready at the canyon start: Pascal, Andreas, Christoph and XXX

It goes immediately narrow and very nice, here a little siphon, if you like cold water !

He has done this canyon 3 times, lucky guy !

A complex drop, the carving here are crazy, there are many arches, it's always narrow

An apparently quiet section

From this belay we go deep down again in the narrows

Some holes in the rock are really unique, to understand what it is you have to be inside and see it !

Some sections where too dark to make pictures but i did all i could, we used our headlamps for a short section

Some combination of holes and arches are so funny you have to create your own rappel line, for Andreas it's the 4th time in this canyon, luckiest man on canyoning planet !

The flow is high but not too dangerous today

So impossible to describe it !!

Another narrow caving sized section

We are at the end ! We couldn't see the bottom in the fog until the last rappel.
I did some good pictures but it's very difficult, there is water splashing everywhere, no much time because you don't want to be inside there if the water level increase. There is no easy escape here, except you can leave a rope halfway hanging in the canyon.

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