domenica 13 ottobre 2013



Short canyon with an excellent final waterfall

It really look like a winter expedition ! We had a recent snowfall so we came here, it's a short canyon not too difficult

Good trail as usual here, this area is included in the Unesco world heritage

Peaks are smiling up

Suit up time, we are 7 with 2 ladies, it's pretty cold !!!!

All is slippery we have to be careful

First part is not very exciting, it's a good warm-up, i would say a cool-down !

Some technical rappels, some very showery ones... not very easy

A nice frozen smile, it's not possible to do those canyons in
summer, too much water.

Nice rappels

Same from the bottom

The final drop, we are going through this arch, it's very special.

From the bottom, the water here has a lot of power, if you get caught it's really hard !

One more coming down

I climb up on the arch and can do some more pics

Nice view from here !

On the way back home i get this typical Swiss panorama, Heidi cartoon land....

It was hard but not too long except for the walk in, walking is good to warm up and store some heat for the canyon descent.

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