sabato 3 novembre 2012

Sefinen Lutschine

Sefinen Lutschine

Another exploration at the end of season

The first part is limestone and goes trough a nice narrow gorge.
There is a water capture on the top.

This part is short and we arrive at this 75 meter waterfall, we found a bolt from ice climbing people !

After a caos we are again in the water, much more, the rock here is a good and sticky granite, we have reached a lower and older rock layer

Water system over us

The day is not very nice but ok to do an exploration like this

The water in not transparent enough to do nice jumps

Nice pools

Drilling the anchor, i came down climbing...

This is the nicest waterfall-tobogan

People waiting

And now rappelling

On the way back home i had this nice view high on an alpine col
At the end another good exploration with a big team international team.

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