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Canyoning and more in this famous island.

We did 4 canyons, some hiking on the top volcano, we had some stormy days and it was a problem for the canyons, quite dangerous to  go in the wrong place, no rescue is available here at the moment. Some limitations are due to the private properties and also local people don't allow access to many forests.
with: Jane, Megan, Nivalda, Jason, Sonny, Calius, Ira. 
Dave Black joined us in a couple of descents.

We are a big group, descending this nice canyon, Dave Black is coming with us.
We will need the same time for the descent and for the exit, using our lamps...

Wonderful fall

Easier one, water is often deep for some jumps...

Another nice fall, everything is quite big, i imagine when it's raining seriously...

We reach the shore at the end of this canyon

Some local spiders, very nice looking

Another canyon, just a part of it, the whole canyon is too long for our group

Everything is green around, not easy to organize an escape if necessary !

Water brown, we can't jump much, and the rock is very slippery, hard to stand up !

Same canyon 2 hours after we where inside, a flood came down...
We switched to the dry side of the island and did a dry canyon

All the bed is lava carved by some occasional water, the peak in the background is 3000 meters high !

She likes it big, heeeey, i meant the anchor !!!

Here you can see rainbows all time, and also doubles

The shore is so green here

Sacred pools canyon exit, too much water to swim in there !

Interesting fish...

Last canyon we did, water flowing, also ending on the shore.

Another special local spider !

Mystic view of some huge waterfalls, there is a lot to explore here !

Drying stuff before leaving the island

A baby geko, they are anywhere in the houses, catching flies.
I'm editing a video of this trip, when ready i will ink it.

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