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Trummelbach 1 +2

Trummelbach 1 + 2

This exploration is about the upper sections of the classic Trummelbach canyon. We are high in the mountain, under the Eiger n-w face and close to the Eigerglacier. This stream does not have a name on maps because it was under the glacier until a few years ago. It is called Trimmelbach on the official maps and then continues down to the Trummelbach. Holzi found this line.

We use the train to go up, as good tourists, under the clouds it was lightly raining !

View on the Eiger, left, and Monch. Our canyon is in the center of the picture, a very little line.

From Eigergletscher station we hike up on the Eiger route that goes to a via ferrata and to the summit, on the right there is some water  flowing, it's difficult to understand which is the right line.

We hike up to reach the snow level, traverse and find easily the right place, the slot is very narrow, here not very deep.

We start fixing anchors and rappelling, it's a slot and sometimes it opens again, we start under the little snow patches.

The view around is quite oppressing with those huge suspended glaciers

Here we have a residual snowfield, covered with debris, we decide to go under it.

We set another anchor, the old snow looks stable, but there are holes, like in the Swiss cheese..

After this rappel we have a short dark section and pass over the snowfield

Here a long elevator, a down climb, rock is very nicely carved.

Open again, but we are not down yet, we get some sun at least !

Nice falls

View on the following falls and slot

Very nice rock, this is Louis, from Morbegno.

Lot of fun climbing inside here

Holzi, the rock has very good grip and we can climb a lot,
but if you find ice here you will need many more anchors

Slot section

Technical climb

Open fall

We finish this section and head down to the next part, we follow this huge moraine

We reach again the river bed, rock is carved nicely again and there
 is a nice kind of side cave

Ohoh, beautiful drop, whithish limestone

Gorgeous rappel

Next one, high quality canyon !!

All is nice, just jumps are not possible but we don't mind

3 more falls and we are at the last drop

Here we are, at the end of this adventure, Holzi and Louis send a high five.

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