martedì 20 novembre 2012

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Scrambling around in this National Park and in the Sierra Nevada

The 7 tea cups, is a short classic canyon in the Sierra Nevada, short but very good.

Sonny and Calius are taking me here, they have done it many times.

The granite is superb and we can do some nice and big jumps

It's a pleasure just take pictures

Well, it's really cold, the pools around are frozen and i can use this ice sword to cut Sonny's head

Near the end a very sensual narrow, very dangerous with a higher water level !

Now in Joshua tree, in the night i play with my camera and the headlamps

We hike for a long loop, meet a nice predator, these tarantulas are not dangerous unless you want to shake hands....

At the end of the hike we end in a canyon..

It looks really super so we decide to descend it,  the next day and come back with the right gear

With Luca and friends we organize the descent, using basic anchors

For somebody it's the first canyon and the first rappel !

Oh, a little snake is trapped there, or maybe enjoying the fresh water...

Happy faces, we try to avoid the fresh water as much as possible, great day again.

This is another story,we hiked up this dry valley... reach the entrance of an old Gold mine

My turn, somebody is cutting my head !!!!

Humm, is it solid ?

The mine is huge with many levels and lots of galleries crossing around,
the stairs are vertical and scary, no kidding !

Try not to get lost and use the right bridges ! We did
not find any gold nuggets.. next time.

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