sabato 20 ottobre 2012


Undere Oeschinenbach

Nice exploration above this beautiful lake near Kandersteg

There are 4-5 canyon around this lake, the Oeschinensee, most of them have
glaciers above so we are here in fall for this exploration with low water level, the sun is only on the other side of the valley...

Upper sections of these canyons, some are not yet explored

This limestone layer is immediately nicely carved, happy !

Clean, and cold, water and good rock, that's perfect, even if the flow is very little.

Nice carvings 

A short connection section

Uuhh Manu...soo hard to fix a bolt !!!

We split the longer rappels at 60-70 meters to make rappelling the rope easier

We really appreciate the view !

Still no sunshine for us...

Before the end this big rappel goes trough this arch-hole in the rock.
To finish the trip we have to swim 500 meters in the lake to go back to the trail !

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