sabato 6 ottobre 2012



Exploration of a new canyon in swiss with Timo - Kapellbach

With Timo i go for this exploration close to Splugen pass area, we hike up the Val Cadriola, the name of the stream is Kapellbach

Immediately at the start the rock is very smooth and nicely shaped, it
looks very interesting and pleasant !

We downclimb as much as possible

The pools are not deep enough to jump but colors are very nice

The rock is very sticky, it's very easy to walk around

We appreciate the rock layers

Some rappels are very good

Nice carvings

Nice holes in the rock layer

Keep going always same style

There is some gravels in the pools and they are not very deep anyway

Water color is a cold light blue

Fall panorama in a more open section

The mountain in front is also superb

Nice deformation of the rock layer

We reach the final section, the rock is of a different kind and more slippery

Timo is worried but smiling, sometimes too much

Drilling for the next waterfall

It's a nice S shaped waterfall

The last drops are more vertical and engaged; we found a few bolts from ice climbing people. Here it's not easy to avoid the dangerous zone; at the end a nice new canyon rated 2,7/4, more or less

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