sabato 2 novembre 2013



Descent of this huge canyon, finally we did it but in difficult conditions

This is the start place, in the upper valley there is the Gavirolas canyon we did the day before; today the other 4 teammates decided to go back because it was lightly raining during the walk in, they missed a great day

From the first meter the canyon is extraordinary, the carvings are crazy, smooth

We can climb a lot and rappel only short drops 

There are plenty of rock arches, it's really gorgeous

and here a siphon, too deep and cold to dive it ! Today i am with Manu and Vincent

WE are very excited and too quick

Here a little jump, it's all 4 stars level !

Water is quite high but not a problem here

Little nice drop

After this slot the canyons open for a very long section with plenty of complex waterfalls to rappel and climb, we are descending for many hours until we reach the last big waterfalls dropping into the artificial Lac da Pigniu

The water flow is high and we have some hard time

I'm down after the last big drop !

Vincent and Manu rappel the last 40-50 meter fall;
many hours of descent to get out, we had to place anchors and still many drops don't have a bolt. This canyon like others in this region and in the Oberland are possible only in this period of the year and you need to be lucky with meteo and snow. It took us many years to be able to do those canyons, the good period is really very short and some years  you can't go there ! Like the Segnas canyon i did after waiting 3-4 years, in 2013 i was the only one to do it with 3 friends ! And also in Fluaz we have been the only one this year !

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