sabato 4 ottobre 2014

Langertal, exploration

LANGERTALBACH , exploration...

No problem here, the walk in is nice, see on the right some big springs !

Just a minor series of waterfalls

The Simmental valley, here cows grow in cans...

Canyon starts nicely narrow and shaped enough to say it's OK

Drilling next nice fall

WUAUUU suddenly we plunge in a narrow 30 meter deep crack, large 1 meter or less

Very slotty american style, we climb down small drops

Out from the slot

Here we rappel in open walls

Now the rock is very loose, nothing is stable, i'm hit by 2 rocks moved by the rope, not happy !

A few drop and we are out from this nightmare

Walk out very relaxing, the crack section is high in the middle

How to cut wood using legs, Ian where are you ?

People as usual looking at us like martians..

On the way down we open this little side canyon, good job.

I take pictures from the bridge, no jumps here sorry !

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