mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

Cormor - spring 2014


Di nuovo percorribile questo canyon unico in Italia.
Descent is possible again.

We'll need a caterpillar to clean the road, otherwise we will have to walk down until mid of june !

1,5 meter of compact snow is on the road in some points

This is the actual release from the dam, only one of the two gates is closed, the descent is not very safe !

This is the actual flow in the first long drop

Just before the entrance in the first dark section, Francesco was with me.

The so called "fjord" a short swim

Out from the fjord

The last waterfall of the upper section

At the moment only one of the 2 lower gates of the dam is closed, the release is about 60/70 liter/sec for a small leak in the gate. Sections on the sun are very slippery. All bolts are ok, we only did it to the end of mid-section.
The short caving section after the fjord is now underwater, to pass you need to dive for 1 meter long, just under the surface, it's not too difficult. It's possible to avoid this dive: you have to climb up just before the little pool and go on the right, follow an ascendant corridor straight up, then on the other side turn left to the other wall and after down climb to the right to reach the bottom.
You have to use correct canyoning techniques, in some waterfalls you have all the water on you, no alpine techniques and light wetsuits anymore, very dangerous !

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