domenica 27 maggio 2012

Rio Lerca

Rio Lerca

Sunny and warm canyon on the Ligurian coast, near Cogoleto - Genova

I alway love to go in this canyon early season, here the summer arrive much earlier than in the Alps ! Also fall is very good here.

Some very typical writings...
First waterfall is serious, especially for beginners

All the canyon is quite friendly with small waterfalls and nice emerald pools

A nice toboggan

Typical jump


Check the body position...

Here it's a trampoline, you can jump from different heights and repeat, some people
are also bathing and just enjoying the nature

Funny people !

More funny people and Santa is also with us, so now we know where he goes for holidays: Canyoning !!!

All the team !

Waiting for the guide...i'm always late :-)

Break time !

Don't slide now please, you are the guide ;-)

The famous suspended boulder...

On the way back a nice old WW bus.

We ended the day with a bath in the sea and a big lunch in local restaurant, cool day !

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