giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

La Reunion, finally back after 16 years

is a French country in the Indian Ocean, a few canyons are worldwide classics

Lava flows, there are nice lava caves to visit

Bird nest

Vanilla flower

Riviere des Roches

Trou Blanc

Climbing on the Pain de Sucre, classic route on solid basalt rock
Down the final part of Fleurs Jaunes canyon, big local classic

Takamaka 3

Part of the walk out of Takamaka 3...

Trou de Fer, beginning

Playing above the 270 meters waterfall

Big air

Base of the Trou de Fer, before Bras Caverne.

Caverne du Minotaure

Bras Rouge supérieur

Bras Rouge

Bras Rouge is very red sometimes...

Fleurs Jaunes

Wonder of nature

Fleurs Jaunes canyon into the Pain de Sucre solid basalt

Bras Sec- Dudu, "little" canyons

Riviere des Roches final drop, you can jump 18 meters...

Luckily water is not flowing here in this "big" pool, Takamaka 1

Takamaka 1, mini Trou de Fer

Jungle climbing out Takamaka

Trou Blanc

Ravine Blanche, 400 meters

Takamaka 3

Trou de Fer before big falls

Bras Caverne 270 meter waterfall

Bras Caverne, Trou de Fer

Alberto and me, the only "Italians"