sabato 24 agosto 2013



This is a great classic canyon, it's few year that it is known, it's an unique combination of rock and water color and it's also possible to do many jumps

View from the camping in Trin Mulin, the canyon is coming down in the forest on the right of the cliff

First drop, immediately deep and good canyon, the walk in is quite short

This canyon is a sequence of pools and falls with no walk or interruption

We enjoy the nature !

If you like jumps it's your canyon !

This is considered the key move, if there is a lot of water it's difficult to traverse the waterfall, but not so much in my opinion

It's all gorgeous around

A nice log, jump possible ?

Technical rappel

If the sun comes in it even better

A narrower rappel in the lower section

I put this canyon because it's a really special one in this region, there are many other canyons but more complex and not always possible like Segnas or others.