domenica 27 maggio 2012

Rio Lerca

Rio Lerca

Sunny and warm canyon on the Ligurian coast, near Cogoleto - Genova

I alway love to go in this canyon early season, here the summer arrive much earlier than in the Alps ! Also fall is very good here.

Some very typical writings...
First waterfall is serious, especially for beginners

All the canyon is quite friendly with small waterfalls and nice emerald pools

A nice toboggan

Typical jump


Check the body position...

Here it's a trampoline, you can jump from different heights and repeat, some people
are also bathing and just enjoying the nature

Funny people !

More funny people and Santa is also with us, so now we know where he goes for holidays: Canyoning !!!

All the team !

Waiting for the guide...i'm always late :-)

Break time !

Don't slide now please, you are the guide ;-)

The famous suspended boulder...

On the way back a nice old WW bus.

We ended the day with a bath in the sea and a big lunch in local restaurant, cool day !

giovedì 10 maggio 2012

Sardegna Adventure


A mix of activities around in the area of the village of Dorgali - Cala Gonone - Golfo di Orosei

Here in Sardinia it's possible to do a lot of outdoor stuff, there are dry and wet canyons

This one has deep and big pools, we like jumping !

Break time

One bigger jump in the canyon

Hiking around

Rappelling down to the shore of the coast

Taking pictures, it's important for me

Good memories in this hiking-climbing

The entrance of a cave, here you need neoprene, there is a lot to swim

First short section is not comfortable

But then it's big inside, here an underwater arch

Nice shapes

From dark to light, we are close to the lower exit

This frog likes to climb, like us !

Exploring around

A kayak tour is a lot of fun

We can explore the coast and the caves

Cala Gonone on sight

Hiking up to another canyon, a typical local shelter

This season is perfect, in summer it's too hot here !

The typical shelter of goatkeepers and farmers

Down in this almost dry canyon

Some easy walking and climbing here

Later we have some narrows with deeper water

This is a huge spring that gives water to all this region

Everybody can be part of this trip, just be fit and have the will to try new activities !