venerdì 27 settembre 2013



A quite special caving style canyon, super narrow and crazy carvings in the rock, a masterpiece of this region of Swiss !

I am again in the region Graubunden, near Flims, we check the canyon from the ridge, quite narrow !!
I am with Andreas, very strong canyoneer...

...and the frog !  It just stopped to rain.

This canyon is really narrow and complex, sometimes you have to climb without the bag

Or climb up to avoid the narrow, it's US style !

But in US you don't have water flowing !!!

Crazy rock shapes, i love that.

Fun ! It's not very deep, 10 to 25 meters, but gorgeous !

A kind of nice spire

The flow is high, just right to have some fun 

We reach a high waterfall, down the narrow keep going

The rock layers change color and texture

A very good canyon !

Not far from the end

Andreas on the last rappel